Sunday, May 21, 2017

Symptoms Increase systemically, and stopping work

By last Tuesday 16th May, in addition to my now 'usual' symptoms of obstructive defecation and constipation, bad breath and feeling bloated, I additionally woke to feeling in pain EVERYWHERE in my body and extremely fatigued. I had a headache and could barely function. Although I have EDS and fibromyalgia and therefore used to chronic pain, my pain (apart from my shoulders) had been remarkably well controlled over recent months. Fatigue episodes had been minimal. This felt like flu. I felt very anxious and could hardly function at work. This led me to write an email to my excellent and really wonderful Neurogastroenterologist, Prof Aziz, at the Royal London, asking for more help.


In the week running up to this new and long list of crescendo of symptoms, I made a decision that I was stopping all work at the end of the week, and would in fact decide to stop my work as a Bowen Therapist for the rest of the year. For me, work has always been therapeutic and I have always loved my work. I finally felt  I could no longer continue to be effective given my present state of ill-health. Quite how six months off materialized was a strong, and more universal message to myself. I will lose a lot - in terms of my clinic room rent etc, as well as losing lots of clients - but I have to look after myself. My clients have all been fantastically supportive, and I feel very lucky that they have been so understanding.

It is the first time I have really stopped work completely for my health for many years, and I do have plans to write - another book - but also use the time to get myself truly well, whilst reconnecting with friends and family as  I have become increasingly isolated of late, because of the misery of my guts.

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