Thursday, May 4, 2017

Surgery Date!

Today I finally got my surgery date - Tuesday 23rd May at the Royal London Hospital. It will be with both my surgeons - Mr Giordano and Prof Knowles. Here are my thoughts:

At the moment it can't come soon enough. I am still feeling quite constipated ongoing despite the number of laxatives I am taking. I am not going out, I feel very low - I really don't want to do anything, which is not typical of me.

I am going to document everything - from my pre-op assessment through to going down to theatre - if they'll let me and then my recovery which will start in the High Dependency Unit. If it is an open surgery, and because of the complexity of my underlying medical conditions it could be a 10-14 day admission. Lots to sort out before then - including work, locum cover and many other things.

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