Saturday, April 15, 2017

Nasty Bacterial Overgrowth

For the last few days I have felt even worse than normal. I have had deep corkscrew pain in my umbilical area (I do also have a hernia there). My guts have been even worse than normal in terms of evacuation and I was clearly completely constipated for at least 2 days - and even though I took Dococyte last night and 3 laxatives I am not emptying at all well. In addition I have had terrible breath that literally tastes like poo. I had a dental check up and clean in the week, so know that my oral health is OK, and that is not the cause of my bad breath. I managed to email my Gastro Consultant and he asked if I had been taking Biokalt live bacteria, which I have been doing for months. He also suggested to try the Low FODMAP diet for a while, and if that didn't work that I might well need some antibiotics. On reminding myself of the Low FODMAP foods it is possible I have been consuming far too much lactose lately - although this has not been a problem group of foods before. I had mushrooms, mangetout and apples and coleslaw in the week a few times - so I can knock those out. I will be eating chicken, sweet potato and courgette for supper. This is all plain and settling, and I have some suitable fruit lined up. Debatable about adding cream or eating trifle....! I might wait and finish dairy products and then do a separate trial of lactose free for a whole week. I think I do actually need antibiotics given the taste in my mouth - all the bacteria must be having a field day since I am definitely not emptying my bowels at all well - worse than normal. Let's see if I do need antibiotics. Luckily I haven't had any for ages so I don't feel too bad about taking some. I have to say I really feel at the end of my tether. Here is a selfie of my tongue:

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