Tuesday, April 18, 2017

GP Visit - on Antibiotics and - strange lump!

For the past few days I have become increasingly constipated, had very bad breath and a brown tongue (!) and then pain deep in my belly button and below which reminded me very much of diverticulitis. Whilst I thought that they removed diverticular disease from my sigmoid colon when I had my anterior resection in 2016, it would certainly seem that I have similar symptoms. Yesterday I was feeling really rotten and was meeting my mum after a concert at lunchtime, only I just couldn't eat. I get sick and full quickly. I had more pain and had an early night and rested.

Although this morning I seemed to feel better, my gut definitely isn't and  I am only doing 'rabbit droppings.' I was very lucky and managed to see my GP. He prescribed antibiotics based on the diverticulitis theory, coupled with what my Gastro Professor had communicated - that I may have some intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I asked my GP to feel my tummy, which he did. He reported that it still felt nice and soft, which was a good thing, and, couldn't feel any stool, particularly, of fecal loading - but he did feel the strange lump I had been feeling, about an inch below my umbilicus. I don't know what this is, and neither does he, although I do have a known hernia. He has said to see how I feel over the next 2 days, but that if I am no better, not to wait around and go to the Royal London. I am going to chase my surgery date up yet again, because my body might not manage the wait!

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