Monday, March 13, 2017

What its like living with Obstructive Defecation

Despite singing the praises of my consultant when I went to an Outpatient review of my surgery in early May, I was incredibly saddened that my honeymoon period of happiness and relief of symptoms ebbed away by late June and once when on holiday I went to the toilet 17 times in one day. My bottom was red raw and sitting down was very sore. Toilet paper had streaks of blood. I felt bloated and grotesque, quite literally fully of ‘shit’ and so miserable. Not long after this I was advised to go on a low-residue diet but I was still going quite a few times per day. My life revolved around being near toilets. I had toilet frame in my own bathroom at home and a foot stool – but nothing really made a difference – toilet posture or the remnants of my biofeedback training. It was just near impossible to fully evacuate my bowels. This is the case for me most days. Changing my diet hasn’t really had an impact on my ability, or lack thereof to fully empty my bowels. Altering and reducing gut motility drugs also made scant difference to the number of times I evacuated my bowels – and if I had days where I required higher doses of opioids because of pain this would lead to more impacted stool and occasionally I needed to digitate to evacuate. There was, and is, a constant feeling of something being left behind, which in effect, there is.  - What it is like having Obstructive Defecation?

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