Monday, March 13, 2017

Surgical Review Appointment and New Evacuatory Proctogram Scan Report

Having seen one of my surgeons in August, he had said that my organs were now back in the correct position so he could do no more for me surgically (at this point). I then saw my Gastroenterologist who felt I had exhausted all medical and dietary management and ordered anorectal physiology tests including an evacuatory proctogram where, following an examination of my anal tone, I had some oatymeal inserted into my rectum and was then the embarrassing task of being asked to sit on a toilet against a backdrop where everything I did would be recorded by x-ray and moving image. I was asked to cough and strain and then asked to attempt to evacuate the oaty concoction. A few weeks later I received the test results. Whilst I was not losing stool on coughing and had good opening of the anal canal on attempt to defecate,  I had a striking circumfrential recto-anal intussusception (mainly anteriorly), causing obstruction. In many ways I was really glad to hear that there was a real problem after all, and that my symptoms of obstructive defecation had simply recurred, but that the surgery I had in January had now failed. I felt vindicated that my symptoms were real and not imaginary or psychosomatic, and there was a real reason for my problems.

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