Friday, April 7, 2017

Out-Patient Appointment Update

I saw Prof Knowles today. I am finally finding out why it is proving more challenging to get me a date for my surgery, but I do know that Mr Giordano has to be there, and be the lead surgeon because he performed my anterior resection last January, and will know how I was left (inside) when he last operated. It all seems rather uncertain. One thing I really didn't realise was that Mr Giordano would have used mesh to revise and to hold my organs in-situ. It maybe quite simple, and that I need a few extra stitches to 'tack' the mesh more firmly, or it could be a lot more complex involving an open surgery. At the moment the date might be 23rd May or 20th June. In the first instance this will be a more diagnostic laparoscopy, and if the problem appears simple, a few extra stitches. If, however, the problem is more complicated, it will involve an open surgery and much more detailed repair. Whether or not this would be done at a later date was not made fully clear - but implied. I supposed they would need a longer operating slot for a much bigger surgery. I also forgot to remind them they need to repair my umbilical hernia, so I hope they don't forget! 

I left really not feeling a great deal clearer than what I had been told by a research fellow by phone a couple of days ago. It still feels very uncertain and meaning I am not sure how long I will be in hospital - whether for just a short stay for diagnostic procedure - or a longer treatment. It is still hard to know what to do for work, plus we still need to wait for Mr Giordano to be available, as he is rather critical to my case! 

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