Friday, April 7, 2017

Access to toilets!

One of the most distressing things about obstructive defecation is endless toilet trips - even occasionally at night. I don't know what my record is - but probably about 20 times in one day.

It's all very well and good when I'm at home - it is when I'm out and about that the fun beings, and there are not nearly enough of these - the humble public toilet. I think it is outrageous that human beings should have to pay to use a toilet for what is a normal bodily process. What has gone wrong for me are the endless attempts at evacuating everything.

After eating a lovely meal out with a friend, she and I went shopping, but because my bowels were loaded again (having eaten), I found it difficult to continue shopping and there was no way I was going to try anything on. I had to come home for private use of my own home toilet. By the way - I had already used 3 hospital toilets today, one in M&S, three times at the restaurant and then felt I couldn't face a further toilet battle. Enough was enough. However, I still think the use of a toilet should be a a free human right. 

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