Monday, March 13, 2017

Surgery Thoughts.

It became very important to me that this surgery be fully documented in a combination of narrative, video diary, poetry, pictures - that it became a lived experience. I want to share my story with others. What is it really like to go through major and life-changing surgery for a condition that is seldom discussed. Problems with bowels, digestion and poo are often taboo. Here I have an opportunity to share the experience with others. I have chosen to do this so that the topic is opened up and embraced, to expose the secret and shame of living with obstructed defecation or being unable to shit normally. Of living with a pelvic organ defect – one that I know anecdotally impacts on sexual activity – and then the whole process of surgery and hopefully ultimate recovery. However, complete recovery was something I have to wish for as my surgery is a repeat of a failed first surgery for pelvic organ prolapse. This being a big cloud on my horizon. I am going to share my story in the hope that it will support others going through something similar and offer help and open up discussion about some taboo subjects.

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