Monday, March 13, 2017


I have decided to go public and tell my story in sometimes graphic detail about what it is like to live with a Functional Bowel Disorder – sometimes known as IBS – but more, to write about what it is like having Obstructive Defecation and having a rectal prolapse. I want to write about what is really like to live and manage these conditions and then an ongoing documentation of my journey in treatment – both historically and what is really happening this year.

The blog will contain personal accounts, details of medical appointments, interventions and images, poetry, video diaries and more. I want people to become fully aware of what it is like living with these embarrassing and difficult conditions and other pelvic floor disorders. If you have questions as I am going along – ask away! I am going to be open and honest and upfront. I will therefore do my best to answer your questions truthfully and accurately.

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