Friday, April 28, 2017

Ongoing Constipation and still no surgery date

At the moment, the only person giving me any support whatsoever is Professor Aziz, my Neurogastroenterologist at the Royal London. He has suggested that I could try adding Prucalopride to my laxatives and Sodium Docosyte. I asked my GP to prescribe this on Tuesday, which he did at the lower dose of 1mg. He wasn't very keen because it is a very expensive drug. To start with, nothing happened, but this morning my bowels have definitely been moving again, thank goodness. My GP would not agree to speaking to my consultants or chasing up the two consultants involved in my case I am extremely frustrated. My GP can see I am in a really bad way. He tried to organize a scan for my hernia - but there is no need!! My consultants know about this! What I badly need is my surgery date. It is having a profoundly negative impact on my mood, and is causing me stress and anxiety because I am self-employed and need to give my clients notice of my absence and arrange suitable locum referral etc. Today, I am extremely fatigued, and could do with a day in bed. Thank goodness it is Friday, and a long weekend at that.

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